Augmented antibody research

Search the known human paratope space with up to 2 mismatches per CDR. Query CDR-H3 amino acid sequences alone or together with CDR-H1 and CDR-H2 to find highly similar constructs. Applications range from precision antibody engineering to global repertoire comparisons in vaccine design.

  • Large Scale – Currently 2.1 billion entries

  • Ultra Fast – Result preview typically in less than 1 second.

  • Plug and Play Download download complete query as standardized AIRR TSV files or in the Abgenesis VDJfasta format (vdj.csv).

Fast and large scale API querying and adding your own data on private instances of AIRRDB is possible – reach out to us for details.

2.1 billion

Database entries

<1 sec

Average Search Speed

0-6 ham

Ambiguous queries

AIRRDB is growing!

We are committing our resources to expand and update AIRRDB for our customers every month. Reach out to us if you have data to add or if you want to convert your data into the vdjfasta formats used by Abgenesis optimized for antibody engineering.