AIRRDB stands for Adaptive Immune Receptor Repertoire Data Base. The database and technology is owned by Voredos SRL and our web presence is hosted by BSNsoft IT.

AIRR is a term coined by the founders of the AIRR Community of The Antibody Society (TAbS) – a research-driven group that is organizing and coordinating stakeholders in the use of next-generation sequencing technologies to study antibody/B-cell and T-cell receptor repertoires. For more information about the AIRR Community please click here.

Simply put, working in antibody engineering and immune repertoire research requires access to data. We have acquired and processed large amounts of the publicly available immune repertoire data converting them into the currently most used data formats: AIRR tsv and VDJfasta csv.

The data is accessible via peptide queries of the CDR loops both in the IMGT CDR definitions and in the VDJfasta “SDR” definitions optimized for antibody engineering.

AIRRDB allows for fast ambiguous queries with currently up to two mismatches per loop and therefore a total of six per heavy chain paratope. We recommend starting with the CDR-H3 and then use the other CDRs for refinements. The limit is set default to stop the search after 50 hits but can be increased for each query by the user. Previews show only the CDRs and originating study, the data downloads will contain all available data in AIRR tsv or VDJfasta csv format.

Current AIRRDB entries